When Nastya turned 17 years old she firmly decided to start doing something good for homeless people.

"At first I was coming up to such people near the trash cans. I was offering them to start a new life", Nastya told us about her first guests. "And now this news are passed around", the girl laughs. "When people come they usually say: "We have heard about you. May we come and live here?" Some people come just to spend winter time here in order not to get frozen, some people come to sleep, eat and take a shower. We take everyone. Free of charge. And if the person decides to change his/ her life, and expresses desire to serve other people the way I do, I am only glad to see such people. This means that he/she will never turn back to the previous way of life. Still they are few, only 10-15% of people".
For 4 years more than 100 people were guests in the private house that Nastya rents.
Nastya has her own approach to work with such people. "First of all, - she thinks, - there has to be a daily routine. All these people have become used to live in chaos and due to the daily routine they get used to cleaning the house and keeping the rules in the house.
Despite her young age Nastya knows how to treat people who in one way or another turned out to leave in the streets. "If you treat them sincerely with an open and pure heart they will come to you. They will listen to you and you will have influence with them. And if you treat them poorly, like: "You are dirty", "You stink". If you close your face then they won't get in touch with you. These people they feel when you love them sincerely, and notice when you despise them or treat them poorly".
Nastya knows all people in her house and tries to understand everyone. For example, Lyuba a 47 year-old woman came to Nastya a year ago after she spent 25 years in drug-addiction. Later she stayed in the house. She gave up drugs and started communicating with her relatives. And recently she found out that she doesn't have hepatitis C any more. The woman wants to get married soon. And now she helps Nastya about the kitchen, she cooks food for everyone. And as the guest say she cooks well.
Sasha (44 years old) has just been released from prison. He has given up smoking and taking drugs.
A lonely woman named Vera (59 years old) had stroke in 2008. In March 2012 she came to Nastya's house. Since then her health has significantly improved: she started talking clearly, and walking better. "If it was not Nastya, I don't know where I would be now...", tells us the woman barely holding the tears.
Recently a new guest came to the house. Lyuba was brought from Kharkov, when they found out that Nastya was able to host her. "People in here are very kind, but unfortunately it not a common thing nowadays, - cries the woman. - People treat me very well here: they feed me and take care about me... I have never experienced anything like that before. I had only bad things happening in my life..."
This is the way how people live in a small house that needs reparation for a long period of time. At one time there can live from 13 to 25 people. Some people after they have received help start helping about the house and in the garden.
Rent and many other housekeeping needs require a lot of money. That's why some guests of the house start working on day- to-day jobs. They help neighbors in the garden, plaster walls, hang wallpaper, or work as loaders at funeral service.

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