Victoria told us about what caused her to help youth, saying, "There are so many young people in my neighborhood that die because of drug abuse. I know that statistically just 1% of drug-addicted people in Ukraine get delivered. The rest 99% die and often it starts with hanging out with the wrong crowd and then they have no other alternative. As I lecture I try to show students that there is an alternative, there is a different life, which is much better than drugs or AIDS".

The city's officials support Victoria's initiative. After analyzing topics and materials of the lectures mayor of the city and the youth department of city administration gave a high appraisal to the work Victoria does as a representative of all-Ukrainian charity organization ACET and backed up her lectures at the technical school.
Victoria explains that she surely needs some help. She needs people that would agree to visit schools and have lectures on a high level. Unfortunately there are not many people that want to do it well. There is also a need of technical support for making informational videos to be used during lectures.
"We need professional level videos that would visualize the material of the lectures and promote healthy lifestyle among youth".
Nevertheless, without a team or technical equipment, Viktoria successfully helps young people to discover an alternative to the knowledge provided by street, television and Internet. Young people confirm that.

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