On the 31st of October 2006, Ukrainian State department of religion registered Spiritual Administration of Ukrainian Christian Church" New Generation". New Generation Church received status of denomination and it stood in a raw with Orthodox and Catholic Church in Ukraine.

This historical event became defining moment for New Generation churches of Ukraine. In the end of 2006, New Generation had 71 churches. Nowadays New Generation has 181 churches in Ukraine and 57 churches in Russia.

Every year movement New Generation organizes large conferences. World known ministers such as CaseyTreat, Dug Heward Mills, Fernando Alvarez ,Anselm Madubuko take part in these conferences.
International Bible College "New Generation" prepares new ministers. There are a lot of faculties in it. Students study there during 4 months. Teachers of Bible College are ministers from Russia, Latvia, Nigeria, USA, India and South Korea.

In December of 2008, Association of rehabilitation centers was founded in New Generation movement. Since that time 6.000 people went through rehabilitation process. About 2.000 people have changed their way of life.151 rehabilitation centers work on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

Association of Evangelists " New Generation " was founded in summer of 2007. During 10 years Christian mission "New Generation " works in many countries of the world.

Prison ministry was founded in spring of 2008 . Nowadays 200 chaplains work in 63 prisons on the territory of 16 Ukrainian regions.

There are a lot of another ministries in new generation churches. They are youth and children ministry, praise and worship conferences, seminars for journalists, work of home cells and social activity.
Movement was entering into new phase of developing when spiritual administration new generation began to use system ministry. In the end of 2010, Senior Bishop of New Generation church Andrey Tischenko decided to formulate unified system of New Generation movement's work in Ukraine. It was presentation of system ministry in Kharkov in September of 2011.

Senior Bishop Andrey Tischenko wrote 4 methodical books about system ministry. People who read these books and use definite outlines they can be more effective in God's ministry.

Meetings of Bishop Andrey Tischenko with members of Church Growth International have become prerequisites for new phase of work in New Generation movement.
In October of 2011, Senior Bishop Andrey Tischenko became one of CGI Board members in Seoul(South Korea). It was historical event for New Generation movement. 

In 2013 New Generation movement openedday-and-night internet channel NG/TV. It broadcasts sermons, Christians programs, cartoons, conferences, praise and worship concerts, programs and testimonies about miracles of people`s healings and deliverances.

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