Many people have been finding salvation from drugs and alcohol at this comfortable house for thirteen years already.

Here you can feel an atmosphere of love and care in everything: in relationship of counselors and rehabilitatees, and in clean well-tended ground, and in comfortable rooms for accommodation and recreation and even in good care for domestic animals. Good credit for it belongs to Valeria Akimova who is the director of rehabilitation center "Freedom". For her every member of rehabilitation program is a unique person. And people can feel it and may be because of this even after successful rehabilitation program they keep visiting the center.
The center exists on charity donations which are judging by long-time building renovation and holes in the roof definitely are not sufficient.
On top of that, there are 25 adult men that are going through the rehabilitation program at the same time and taking into consideration the fact that they need not only spiritual food, it becomes obvious that rehabilitation centers (this one is just one of many) really have to fight for survival.
But it is also obvious that these people don't lose their hearts. They do whatever they can: they breed goats and rabbits and even plan to breed nutria. They store hay to winter and buy feed for the animals. Also they make and lay tile. They have cucumbers, tomatoes and make jam for winter.
There are no locking bars of gates; anyone who wants to go can leave. And some people do leave. But some go through rehabilitation program to the end and go back home in one year. Although there are people that have no place to go. These people stay at the center until they find steady job and settle in life.
But even after leaving the center these people keep in their hearts kind words and love of people who were willing to help.

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