Conference of anointing and ordination will take place in Kharkov, Ukraine

The conference of anointment and ordination will take place in Ukraine

The New Generation movement is getting ready for the conference of anointment and ordination in Kharkov, Ukraine on the 3rd of October. The two main speakers of the service of the conference will be the bishop of the Ukrainian Christian church New Generation - Andrew Tyshchenko and the apostle from Nigeria, Anselm Madubuko.

The main aim of the conference is the ordination and the certification of bishops, pastors, presbyters and chaplains, who have all gone through special training. Bishop Andrew Tyshchenko had told us about the strength and ordination, whilst underlining the importance of the event that's being prepared.

In the bible, ordination had always been a method of delivering the strength of the Lord. The bible states, that when people's hands join together, there is a true possibility of being healed: Once the hands of the people are placed on the unwell, then they shall be treated. (Mark 16:18)

A woman who had suffered from the spirit of illness, had been freed from the pain by Jesus by the help of hands being placed on her. Jesus, who saw her, had called her over and said Lady! You are freed from your disease. Placing his hands on her, she had literally begun to straighten out her back whilst praising the Lord. (Luke 13: 12-13).

Additionally, through the placing of hands, there are given, spiritual gifts: for this reason I remind you to obtain the Lords gift that is passed over to you through the placing of my hands.(2nd of Timothy 1:6).

Anointment grants the power and gives authority for service. Why they served God and fasted, the Holy Spirit had said: delegate for Barnabas and Saul to carry out a job that I called upon them to do. Then they, after prayer, fasting and placing their hands upon them, had released them. (Acts 13: 2-4).

Understanding all that is from above, and all that the service of placing of hands holds a strong, biblical foundation, on the 3rd of October 2015 in the Kharkov Palace of Sports we want to organize a ceremonial anointment of bishops, pastors, presbyters and chaplains.

In order to spread the Gospel, we require strong, anointed leaders who are endowed with spiritual power. We can deliver this to the people, who have gone through specific training and have a strong desire to be anointed and have power, that is already in place in New Generation churches.

We have anointment that will save people, that will heal them from untreatable illnesses, free them from witchcraft or curse, or any other demonic dependence. We also have anointment that will cure alcoholism and drug addiction. In our church, we have a strong anointment for powerful worship and glorification that are opened by the heavens.

The spirit of mentorship, that God has endowed for the New Generation movement is opening a sober and healthy view on the bible. All this is not only  supposed to be in the lives of special believers, nor special servants. This has to be delivered to thousands of people in order for this anointment to be useful in all parts of the world.

Joshua was with filled the spirit of wisdom and the sons of Israel had obeyed him, because Moses had anointed him. (Deuteronomy 34:9).

Especially for this evening, we had envied our good friend of New Generation Churches all the way from Nigeria, Anselm Madubuko.


3rd of October in the Sports Palace.

From 12:00 to 15:00 - seminars and prayer.  

From 16:00 to 19:00 - the worship of anointment 

 Contact telephone number: +380 50 920 84 99

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