Bishop Andrii held an anniversary serivce in Poltava

New Generation church in Poltava celebrated it's 2nd anniversary. Senior New Generation Bishop Andrii Tyshchenko was invited as a main speaker of the event.

Bishop preached on the topic of Shekinah. The word Shekinah has two meanings, the first one: Gods' glory and the second meaning: the heaviness of His presence. Bishop spoke about the fact that we should embrace in Gods presence.
"Regardless of what we do, we should be doing everything for Him - sing to Him, worship Him and serve Him. Every person can choose for themselves in what to embrace. Some people embrace themselves and their relatives into curse by commiting sins and doing wrong deeds, but when we come to the presence of God, we embrace into the clothing of His Glory." - Bishop Andrii Tyshchenko

The anniversary service was attended by 296 people. At the end of the service Bishop Andrii did an altar call for repentance and 30 people answered it. He also prayed for deliverance and healing.

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