New Generation Church held the Conference of Anointing in Kharkiv

On the 19th of November, New Generation Church held the Conference of Anointing in Kharkiv. In Ukraine, the head of New Generation Church is bishop Andrey Tischenko.

More than 5.000 christians visited this event. They came from all parts of Ukraine and  from several regions of Russia. 600 persons repented in the end of conference.
There were two services on the Conference of Anointing. The Speakers were Bishop Andrey Tischenko and honourable guest Apostle Anselm Madubuko from Nigeria. The Preachers were ministering by the Word and the  Prayer of Healing and Deliverance. After prayer people came out on the platform  to testify about healing miracles.
The ceremony of ordination and anointing was held during the second service. 2 bishops,64 pastors,91 elders and 25 chaplains were anointed and received certificates of benefice. All these people are graduates of Missionary School.
It was presented new book of bishop Andrey Tischenko "Blessing of leadership"
Bishop Andrey dedicated this book to all leaders of movement "New Generation".
The speaker of the second service was Apostle Anselm Madubuko. He preached that it was very important to have much anointing in the ministry of every christian.Apostle laid his hands and prayed for bishops,pastors and businessmen.
TV channel "New Christian" was information partner of the Conference.

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