The bishop of "New Generation" in Ukraine Andrey Tyshchenko has visited the front line of anti-terrorist operation

On December 7, 2016 the senior bishop of the movement "New Generation" in Ukraine has passed on the front line in Donetsk region and has distributed humanitarian aid to Ukrainian soldiers in Mariinka, and also to civilians in Avdeyevka and nearby villages.

The bishop Andrey Tyshchenko has also carried out service for soldiers. He has called soldiers to repent and trust God, despite all difficulties they pass.
The team also visited Avdeyevka where have gathered more than 600 civilians. Hundreds of people have received the aid of grocery packages, and also more than one hundred children have received New Year's gifts. Andrey Tyshchenko has also carried out service for locals at the end of which he has called them for repentance. According to volunteers, all people who have come to listen to the word, have agreed to repent. According to people, the humanitarian aid and bishop’s ministry is the necessary help for them.

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