On June 16, 17 the legendary preacher from the USA Jack Murphy served in Pershotravensk (Ukraine)

Jack Roland Murphy, also known as "Murph the Surf," is a surfing champion, musician, author, artist, and convicted murderer, who was involved in the biggest jewel heist in American history at the American Museum of Natural History. He received two life sentences, plus 20 years.

Murphy eventually became a Christian and a model prisoner, remorseful for his past deeds. He led Bible studies, taught other prisoners to read and helped mediate disputes. His exemplary behavior drew the endorsement of Florida Division of Corrections Secretary Louie Lee Wainwright at a parole hearing, and Murphy was released in 1986.
Since that moment the legendary preacher goes all over the world, preaches the Gospel, writes books.
Last week by the invitation of priests "New generation" Jack preached in several Ukrainian cities, served in colonies, shared his experience with prison attendants. "Our mission is to turn criminals into Christians!" - said Jack.

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