The Missionary school "New Generation" started in Ukraine

On September 4, 2017 the Missionary school "New Generation" has begun in Pershotravensk (Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region).

As the administration reports, about 300 students from different cities and countries have been already registered.

This year "The Missionary school" is devoted to a healing subject. During the training, teachers will reveal the principles of effective healing ministry and also they will be talking about what each Christian needs to be a successful minister. Students will have an opportunity to gain anointment and knowledge which will provide the strong base for healing ministry.

Traditionally the senior bishop Andrew Tyshchenko preached in the first day. He taught students about what every person needs to receive healing.

According to the school administrator, this year training will be carried out by the practicing ministers whose service is followed by miraculous healing. Among speakers there are regional bishops of the church "New Generation" and also foreign ministers from America and Africa were invited to preach in the school.

Over the period of training, students will also participate in several conferences, such as "Relentless intercessors" - an annual prayerful conference, a family conference and also a conference of the rehabilitation centers in Genichesk.

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