The Bishop Andrei Tishchenko visited the African continent

October 2-9, the senior bishop of the churches "New Generation" in Ukraine - Andrei Tishchenko - served in Ghana (Africa).

At the invitation of the Bishop Ishmael Sam, he preached in the church "Kornerstone" (Theme). Pastor Andrei spoke about the importance of intercession for every Christian. Also, the preacher prayed for those who has a desire to begin the ministry of intercession.

The bishop also preached in the church "The Mega Church" (the Bishop Hamish Oddoe). Pastor Andrei preached on the theme: "Renewal of the family covenant." At the end of his sermon, he prayed against demons, who are called to destroy families.

As part of his trip to Africa, Andrei Tishchenko also took part in the annual conference "Give thyself wholly", the main speaker of which was the bishop of the Lighthouse Church International Dag Heward Mills.

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