7 000 Christians gathered at the "Anointing Conference" in Kharkov (Ukraine)

On October 28th at the Palace of Sports in Kharkov there was the large annual " Conference of Anointing " of the Ukrainian churches "New Generation". Thousands of Christians from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany prayed together for healing, anointing and peace in Ukraine.

Pastor of the Church “Word of Life” Karl-Gustav Severin (Sweden), Apostle Anselm Madubuko (Nigeria) and the Senior Bishop of the Churches "New Generation" in Ukraine Andrei Tishchenko were the main speakers at the two services of the conference this year. The priests paid special attention to prayer for healing and anointing of people. The participants told that incredible miracles took place in both services: the deaf have begun to hear, eyesight improved, tumours disappeared, hands and feet began to work, pains disappeared, the spiritual state improved. But the main miracle, according to the event planners, was the prayer of repentance. More than 500 people repented that day.

There was also a ceremony of consecration of 43 pastors, 44 presbyters and 24 chaplains. All of them received a blessing and anointing for their further ministry.

Participants note: "Conference of Anointing " this year was exceptional. Everything starting on the event planning and ending on the atmosphere was extraordinary.

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