The bishop Andrey Tyshchenko has participated in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the "Yoido Full Gospel Church" in South Korea

The world's largest church "Yoido" (pastor doctor David Yongi Cho) has celebrated the 60th anniversary. From May 15 to May 19 the celebration was held within the annual "Church Growth International Conference" in Seoul.

Thousands of pastors from different countries have gathered to congratulate on anniversary the biggest church in the world and to take part in massive service at stadium, meetings and seminars. Among participants there were also representatives of Russian-speaking churches.

Senior bishop of the Ukrainian Christian church "New generation", head of the Ukrainian Interdenominational Rada, board member of CGI - Andrey Tyshchenko has visited the conference together with the team of pastors.

On May 18 on a massive prayer at the stadium in Seoul the bishop prayed for the people of Korea, he also thanked God for Doctor Yongi Cho and his ministry, for his church and also prayed for awakening, development of ministry and growth of churches.

Within the conference, the senior bishop Andrey Tyshchenko has also visited the prayful mountain in Seoul where he has prayed for partners of the "New Christian Channel" and also for the people of Ukraine.

Doctor David Yongi Cho personally prayed for the ministry of the bishop Andrey Tyshchenko and his team of pastors.

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