The couple Irina Andronova and her husband Eugene have their own daughter Anastasia. Since 2008 they have adopted 8 teenagers from orphanage (2 of them are orphans; other children's parents were deprived of parental rights).

Anastasia Andronova 14 years old, the daughter:

"I was the only child in the family. It was boring and I dreamt of having sisters. As soon as we adopted them, I wanted fewer children to be in orphan homes; I ached for them. Then I started asking my parents to take more children. To tell you the truth, just after Yarik and Denis were adopted, Denis and I quarreled a lot and even fought. But then we got used to each other and now I like to spend time with them, we have a lot of fun together".
Irina Andronova, the mother of 8 adopted children:

"I don't make any difference between my children; I want any of them to reach their highest potential. The statistics is terrible: only 5% of children from orphanages adapt to living in society. The rest of them become criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts, commit suicide etc. Even if
everyone had adopted at least one child, a great deal of problems would be avoided and a lot of good things would come into your life.
There is no doubt that it is difficult to bring up such children. Let's be under no illusions. Every one of them is a personality. All the children are different and each of them requires individual attention. But in my opinion it is for a good cause.

Eugene Andronov, the head of the family:

"I have children and I do care about the society where they are going to live. There is no good in an increasing crime rate. It is not good for me, my children and grandchildren. If only everyone adopted an orphan, at least one, there would be no banditry. Where does it come from? It comes from family disadvantages. People are not taught. Where can they be taught? They can be taught in the family. Even talking about the president, where does he go after work? He goes home, to his wife and children… Nation destroys without a family. That's why children should be adopted. They should see that any good comes from the family".
The dream of the Andronovs family.
Next year they are going to complete building of the second floor of their house. Now they are occupied with thorough overhauling of their house. Total area of the house is 150 square meters. Just as much is to be built. Provisional expenses on building of the second floor are around 120,000 hruvnas without payments for work. The Andronovs family would highly appreciate any help, both financial and with building materials.
Liliya Lebed, 13 years old (lives in the family for almost 2 years):
- What do you feel towards your mother and father? Can you think of them as of your relatives?
- Yes, I can. They are good and kind.
- Do they punish you?
- Sometimes.
- What if you didn't have this family?
- It would be worse.
- Why?
- I had a birth family: my mother was drinking; my stepfather was suffering from tuberculosis. Because of that we often went to a hospital. It was no good.

Ruslana Ostruzhko, 10 years old (5 years in the foster family):
- Do you feel native with your new parents?
- Yes, I do. They have adopted me when I was small; they always love and understand me...
- What would you like to wish them?
- I want them to be with me as long as possible and to love me.
Kirill Svirichevskiy, 15 years old (1 year in the Andronov's family):
- What was your life before you were adopted?
- Well, I was in the boarding school. I smoked and drank alcohol.
- How did you happen to join this family?
- Well, they offered me. I was told that the family came and they wanted to adopt me. And I agreed to join this family.
- How is your life here?
- It's ok.
- Have you ever run away?
- No, I haven't.
- Do you love them or not yet?
- Well, not exactly. Can't consider them as relatives.
- Maybe life in a boarding school would be better?
- No.
- Why?
- It is a family here. You can cook for yourself; you can go for a walk. But it is very boring back to the boarding school. You just can't advance yourself.
- Today you have cooked cutlets. Do you like cooking?
- Yes, I do (and he smiled for the first time during our conversation).

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