Due to the efforts of prison chaplains every prisoner has an opportunity to study the course of the "New Generation" International Bible College.

Besides that, they help prisoners tune themselves to life society after deinstitutionalization. In the nearest future chaplains of the Christian Mission "New Generation" have decided to establish Bible school for prisoners and some more rehabilitation centers. Dmitry Makarenko is the founder of the prison's work in the penal colonies in Ukraine. Dmitry told our correspondent how the idea to establish this work occurred and what difficulties the chaplains face in their ministry.
-How did this idea start up?
-Nowadays we are working in 17 regions of Ukraine. Every week people listen to the Gospel almost in 100 colonies. We have also established several rehabilitation centers for people who were released from prison. Many of these people later decide to visit prisoners and preach them about God, that they don't have to turn back to crime again, but rather should
start attending the church and trust in God.
-Who finance all trips of prison chaplains?
-Unfortunately there are not so many people who want to invest money in the work of chaplains. As it is not help for children, but for criminals: scoundrels, rascals, who murdered, robbed and violated people. Though some people have no desire to finance such trips to the colonies I also meet people who tell me: "We will come here at our own expense, we will help the prisoners at our own expense". And all our chaplains' team mostly work at its own expense. I strongly believe that one day we will have sponsors and our ministry will get to the new level. And we will be able to reach not just thousands but dozens of thousands people.
-Do you really believe that criminals can become successful people?
-When I come to the colony I always tell the prisoners: "It is very easy to be evil person. Every one of you has become evil. It is easy to become a criminal; it is easy to become a drug addict, a murder, a thief or a scoundrel.
But it takes more efforts to become a righteous person. That's why I invite all of them to come and listen to the Gospel, to attend out meetings, to study at our Bible school in order to become a good person who will bring joy to others.

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