"New Christian" TV-channel: reaching millions of hearts

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you about the unique phenomenon in the European media scene - the international interdenominational "New Christian" TV-channel!

"New Christian" is an effective tool for the evangelism across the whole Europe: from the Atlantic and to the Ural Mountains, from Scandinavia to the Middle East.
We bring the Word of God to millions of houses; we popularize the Bible values and Christian morals in the modern society. We are sure that the Word about the redemption of the mankind is the most important information, which is necessary for the improvement and spiritual revival of the nations, cities and countries today. In order to carry it to the audience, we create and broadcast the programs that meet everyone's needs: the anointed sermons, relevant talk-shows, powerful crusades, bright worship festivals, and the latest news of the Christian world, cartoons, authorial TV shows and Christian musicals.
We invite you also to become the participants of the great Awakening through the television and to make your contribution to the fulfilment of God's Great Commitment!

New Christian TV-channel team


New Cristian TV-channel:
broadcasts 24/7
international coverage
unique viewship
modern content
variety of genres and TV-programs
Unique conception
Our satellite TV-channel unites Russian-speaking Christians of various directions, confessions and denominations who live in the European countries and on the territory of the former Soviet Union.
The channel started its broadcast on February 27, 2016.

The uniqueness of the "New Christian" content:
it is nonpolitical,
it causes positive emotions,
it inspires and induces to active actions

"New Christian" broadcasts from the Astra 4A satellite.
Astra 4A satellite belongs to SES Company, the world-leading satellite operator which is also the partner on the "New Christian" TV-channel.
Astra 4A covers more than 64 million households.
Our target audience is more than 190 million people.
"New Christian" is already included in the cable networks of Ukraine. The active entrance of the "New Christian" to all cable networks is planned for 2017
120 - the diameter of antenna needed for reception of the signal.

"New Christian" online platforms

The website of the TV-channel www.nc-tv.tv with live transmission

More than 3 000 viewers (about 12 000 hits) watch the "New Christian" online every month.

Official accounts of the TV-channel in social networks
About 400 new subscribers join us every month.
Publications on our pages in social networks get about 50 000 viewings every month.


"New Christian" own projects
The creative team of "New Christian" TV-channel develops and brings to life innovative and outstanding TV projects.
Our uniqueness lies in diversity of content that gives our viewers the chance to grow spiritually, relax and find answers to complicated questions.
There are: cooking show "Family in the Kitchen", late-night show "Bad shot", debating club "Cornerstone", the project "Three Questions to the Pastor", and also authorial TV-programs "Exit" and "Morning with the Bible".

"New Christian" media partners
They are the world Christian leaders and the leading producers of Christian content.
David Yonggi Cho:the head of the Board of directors of the Church Growth International (South Korea)
Dag Heward-Mills:the founder and Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International (Ghana)
Edwin Alvares:the Apostle of the International Ministry "Hosanna" (Panama)
Alexey Lediaev:the leader of the International movement "New generation" (Latvia)
Andrii Tyshchenko:the Senior bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Church "New generation" (Ukraine)
Borys Grysenko:the Senior rabbi of the Kiev Jewish messianic community (Ukraine)

Production of the "New Christian" own TV-projects is financed by the wide team of partners of the TV-channel. There are more than 1300 partners who attend different churches in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.

Join the team of media partners of the "New Christian"!
Let's make TV-awakening TOGETHER!


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