During six years Tatyana and Lyudmila go to the hospital as if they were working there though they have nothing to do with medicine. Women come to the sick, lonely people, and children deprived of parental care. And they have their own reasons for this.

"My heart is bleeding for all these people, - Tatyana starts the conversation. - I feel sorry for elderly people, I feel sorry for abandoned children that's why I do everything that I can do for them (I pray for them and help them financially)".
"There are times when we glean this money to pay for the medicaments. I am retired on pension and Tanya is a businesswoman, so she adds her money if it is needed. So our prayer is supported by our deeds. The church also gives us some money, - explains Lyudmila. - For example if people are very sick we explain the situation and we receive help from the church members".
Tatyana and Lyudmila go to the all departments in the hospital; but they like helping children most of all.
"That's why when we come to children we bring them diapers, child's creams, powder, but the most important is that we pray over them for them to be adopted in good families, - continues Tatyana".
Svetlana Viktorovna Lukashova nurse's aide of children's unit in Marganets central municipal hospital shares her opinion concerning the work of Tatyana and Lyudmila.
"I am very grateful for their help. If it were not they we would have to find someone to help us. But now we know that they are always around and will always help us with everything we need.
They bring nutrition to babies, if we ask for diapers, soap, swaddling clothes and powder they bring everything. When they come to older children from orphanage they bring cookies, bananas, oranges, and juice. If we ask for books the ladies bring us them".
Lyudmila and Tatyana have also been devoting time to visiting elderly people at their homes for seven years. Some of the elderly people received their help and care right away and some of them treated them cautiously, because nowadays you can't trust everyone. And only after some time they greet women at the entrance of their houses.
Nadezhda Mikhailovna is 86 years old. These women are frequent guests at her house. She loves them and waits for them. In their turn women try to share their love and care with Nadezhda Mikhailovna.
Nadezhda Mikhailovna:
"They come to visit me, we communicate and after they leave I feel like I am filled with something good... they don't come for five minutes, they come for half an hour, for an hour or even more. After communication with them my spirit lifts up.
If they were not coming to me I would be kind of offended that no one remembers me. But praise God they never forget about me. I am very grateful for everything".

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